About us


Welcome to Unicae Solutions!!

A new, disruptive, relocation company based in London set up by three partners, Eva, Ines and Mila. Each of us have either been expats with our previous companies or come to London to pursue an educational and family project.

The three of us have different complementary backgrounds, but we have something in common: we are passionate about helping people.

The three of us have been through the process of moving to a new city, with a different culture, a different language, a different educational system. We have moved houses several times to different cities and different areas of London. This gives us a unique insight to what are the key aspects to consider when deciding where to live, how to deal with the agencies and the landlords, when you move.

Each of us have three children ranging different ages, from toddlers in nursery, to children in primary and secondary, to university students. And we have done it all; state, private and boarding schools. This allows us to say, confidently, that we really understand the educational system in the United Kingdom and we can help you to find the right choice for your own children.

And most importantly we have enjoyed every minute of our lives here and know what to do to make the most of our experience in a new city.

And now we want to share that experience and knowledge with you. And that is why and how Unicae Solutions was born.

What do we offer

If you are a company looking to relocate your employees to London, if you are an individual or a family in search of a new experience in London, or if you want your children to study in the United Kingdom, Unicae Solutions can look for your next home, your children’s next nursery, primary or secondary day-school, boarding school or university and we can help you to settle-in quickly and smoothly without surprises, so you can spend your time in what really matters to you.

And we also help you if you decide it is time to go back home or move somewhere else, and, in particular, if you are planning to experience the Spanish way of living, we are here to provide you with all our expertise.

And how can we do this

First of all, we put all our knowledge into practice, add all our dedication and we ensure that you receive a personalized, tailored-made service from us and that you get unique solutions or as they say in Latin, Unicae Solutions.

We are approachable, flexible, committed and independent. We do not have exclusivity arrangements with any school or estate agent, so we can provide you with non-biased solutions for your needs.

And our prices are competitive. You pay for our service, not by the clock, but by the results provided.

We look forward to working with you!!!