Cursos para jóvenes y adultos

Unicae Solutions helps you find the most suitable English course and accommodation. If you also want to combine your studies with a temporary job, we offer you support to manage all the necessary documentation.

Unicae Solutions works with two types of programmes for young people and adults.

Academies of English and accommodation in London

If you are thinking of giving your English a boost, what better way to do a course in London in an English school, with reduced classes, students from different parts of the world and several activities in London in the afternoon.

The academies we work with offer general English courses and specialized courses in finance, marketing, law, medicine, and many more.

Living and having classes at the teacher's house in the United Kingdom

This type of course allows the student to do a very intense immersion in English and in English culture. The student lives at the teacher's house, has English lessons in the morning and do activities with the teacher and the teacher’s family in the afternoon.

This type of courses can be done at any time of the year and with a duration: from a weekend to two weeks.