Boarding and Day Schools

The best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in the British culture and experience the unique atmosphere of its day and boarding schools. Your children will not only improve their command of English, they will also benefit from living with students from around the world who will broaden their understanding of different cultures.

At Unicae Solutions we work with a selection of independent and state schools, mainly in England to ensure that your child has the best possible experience. Children can stay in families or in boarding schools and can come for a term, a semester or a full year. These are our options:

  • Private schools with boarding school
  • Public schools with boarding school
  • Public schools with family stay
  • Private schools with family stay

Our selection is based on the quality of teaching, personal care and school facilities. We are careful to choose schools where there is a majority of native students and a limit for international students who speak the same language.

Choosing one or another school will depend on what you are looking for and fundamentally on the characteristics of your child, their abilities and interests. Unicae Solutions helps you make the right decision by looking for the best alternatives that will contribute to the academic and personal development of your chid. We accompany you throughout the selection process, registration and follow-up offering unconditional support 24/7.