Summer courses for children and families

Unicae Solutions helps you select the most appropriate summer courses for you and your children, taking into account your interests, your budget and the dates you want to send them.

In Unicae we are not limited to a certain number of camps or activities, but we tailor our search to your needs and requirements.

And we also offer local assistance 24/7 to parents and children in their own language from our headquarters in London.

Summer camps for children

The summer camps are a great opportunity for children to have a great time, improve their English and interact with children of different nationalities and cultures which opens their minds and enriches them greatly.

These camps are very varied, from multi-activity camps to specialized camps in their favourite sport, in art, technology or academics. They can be with or without English classes and children can stay in families or live in residences or schools. During the day, children do activities and in the afternoons they participate in social activities. In addition, these camps organize excursions, usually during the weekend.


Stay with teacher

This option is very popular with parents or students who really want an intense immersion in the English culture and language.

The student lives with the teacher, has a minimum of three hours of English lessons and in the afternoon the teacher organizes activities for the student. For younger students, we select teachers who have children of their own with ages and interests similar to those of their child. This program offers the option of studying with another international student of a similar age, level of English and interests who will also be living in the teacher's home.


Summer courses for all the family

Parents, children and even grandparents will enjoy learning English while doing a variety of sports and activities. Adults can take courses in literature, photography, music, science and many more. The experience is really enriching especially at younger ages.